"EXTREME LEADERSHIP IN SCHOOLS" giveS schools the leadership development opportunities usually only afforded to large companies.


Imagine a workplace where everyone, regardless of their title was expected to lead... and they did! 

Keynote speaker and leadership expert Rachael Robertson successfully lead a year long expedition to Antarctica where personal leadership was the key to survival!  She now brings all the leadership lessons she learned (sometimes the hard way) to organisations and associations around the globe. Her tools such as No Triangles and Bacon Wars are now being used extensively in all kinds of workplaces, from hi-tech to hi-vis-vis.

Now, through this unique offering, schools around Australia can benefit from the same training as Australia's largest companies through Rachael's Extreme Leadership in Schools PD Days. The program is ideal for schools to implement on 

This program brings together several of Rachael's ideas and applies them to the school context. Teachers and staff will be inspired by Rachael's incredible story of leading a year long expedition to Antarctica and equipped with critical leadership tools they will be able to apply the moment they return to work.

Rachael delivers similar programs to corporates and organisations for roughly double what she charges schools because 

How it works

The Extreme Leadership School PD program is jointly delivered by Rachael and your team. Firstly Rachael will present a keynote session and take questions from your people. This sets the scene for the learning opportunities in the remainder of the day when she is no longer present. The remainder of the day is made up of 3 x 1.5 hr workshops. Rachael's office provide all materials (in soft copy) including a 12-15 minute video per session, facilitators quide, workshop handouts, and additional resources. 

Extreme school leadership Program Outline

Keynote Session

Imagine living in months of darkness, the temperature hovers around minus 35 degrees and you’re stuck inside with no escape from your workplace or staff…  There’s no way in, and no way out,  Antarctic Expedition Leader, Rachael Robertson, will reveal how she kept her team inspired and productive through Antarctica’s long, dark winter. She explains why respect trumps harmony and how she built a culture of integrity and trust with a very diverse group of complete strangers.

Using real life examples, Rachael shares her insights from a year on the ice - where she managed everything from a search-and-rescue following a plane crash, to resolving a peaceful settlement to the Bacon War.  

Workshop 1 - Respect Trumps Harmony

School teams become more diverse every year. The addition of specialist teaching roles, more business management staff needed to meet governance and legislative requirements and an entirely new generation entering the workplace means every school will have an incredibly diverse team of experts on-board. Which is great! But more diversity can also bring more challenges.

While a range of skills, ideas, personalities and experiences is essential to innovation and growth it can also mean a clash of opinions. A difference of opinion is great, it’s incredibly important to hear different voices and no team will ever see eye-to-eye the whole time, and that’s fine – it’s how you handle the differences that really matters. Because ‘respect trumps harmony’ every time.

Session 2 - No-Triangles

A practice of No Triangles will build respect and trust in your team. ‘No-triangles’ is simply: “You don’t talk to me about her, and I don’t talk to you about him”. Go straight to the source. It will create conversations that are direct and address the issue in a timely manner. No Triangles is even more critical for schools because:

  • the relationship between the Principal, Deputy Principal/s and Business Manager or Bursar is vital. It needs to be strong and respectful to stop answer shopping by staff or parents.
  • teachers need to encourage ‘no triangles’ with parents ie. If you have any ideas, thoughts or concerns at all, please come and speak to me directly, don’t take it to another parent.
  • schools need a united, professional front to convey confidence and optimism to students and families. One team, built on a foundation of respect. This can only happen with No Triangles so have direct conversations and protect the tribe.

Session 3 - Difficult Conversations

There's a really good reason we call them difficult conversations! In this session we'll work through the three phases of having a difficult conversation, with 10 memorable steps. This session is highly practical and is focused on building first-hand experience in participants. We look at how to prepare, deliver and followup difficult conversations.

Session 4 - Bacon Wars

Personal judgement one of the central keys to great leadership. So how does a new leader (or even esdtablished one) know when to step in and resolve a situation? When do they need to stay out of it, or escalate it? Through my experience with the Bacon War and subsequent reflection and analysis I have developed the Step-in Step-back model designed to provide managers and school leaders with a ready-reference to know exactly how to act in a given situation.



Hi Rachael,
I have just finished my Extreme Leadership course content and have a reflection meeting with my chief executive next week about the outcomes. I would like to send thanks directly for a wonderful and transformative experience where the outcomes in practice have been exciting and where I certainly required the insights and understandings presented in your course content. My brother tells me he also experienced your insights / course content in a major banking firm in Sydney and had similar sentiments and outcomes. Congratulations on your extreme leadership program!!
Brooke Garrett Banksia Park International HS


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