My mission is simple: To inspire, educate and equip people with leadership tools they can use as soon as they get back to their desk.

  • International conference and event speaker

  • Best selling author of "Leading on the Edge - Extraordinary stories from the most extreme workplace on the planet"

  • Antarctic expedition leader

  • Youngest ever Chief Ranger at 32 (Victorian National Parks)

  • MBA (Melbourne Business School, University of Melbourne)

After 15 years leading diverse and remote teams and business units, I took the jump and lead the 58th annual expedition to the edge of the world: Antarctica. It was a tough, gruelling and exhausting year, but ultimately extremely rewarding and fruitful. 

The intensity of this leadership role, where the leader is on-duty all day, every day, for 12 months with no respite, gave me the opportunity to road test my leadership ideas the hard way - without the luxury of peers, a desk or high-speed broadband! It was a "leadership laboratory" in the most extreme, hostile environment on Earth. 

I present real leadership. Real stories and real insights - the highs and lows and the ups and downs of being an authentic leader. 

My work is in response to a massively growing demand in the business world to get real, practical tools backed up by solid theory from someone who has actually led, and led successfully. 

  • So, how do you lead diverse teams that seem to have no obvious common ground?

  • How do you motivate people to do the really hard tasks?

  • What happens when a crisis occurs and all eyes are on you?

I draw on incredible and often hilarious examples of what authentic leadership looks like, in a world where most classic leadership theory doesn't apply .

Since returning from Antarctica, I have  spoken at over 1500 national and international conferences and events with clients drawn from all industries and sectors including mining, pharmaceutical, construction, health, education, finance, hospitality and retail.