Extraordinary stories and leadership insights from the most extreme workplace on the planet

Publisher: Wiley, 2013.     Pages: 305



In Leading on the Edge, Rachael  shares the lessons she learned as leader of a year-long expedition to the wilds of Antarctica. Leading eighteen strangers around the clock for a full year—through months of darkness and with no escape from the frigid cold, howling winds and each other—Robertson learned powerful lessons about what real, authentic leadership is.

Here, she offers a deeply honest and humorous account of what it takes to survive and lead in the harshest environment on Earth. What emerges from her account is a series of powerful and practical leadership lessons for business leaders and managers everywhere.


I wasn’t able to put it down. Last night, bleary eyed with tiredness, I just wanted to keep reading. I haven’t been to Antarctica but the situations you wrote about- it was like we were walking in the same shoes. I wanted to rejoice “hallelujah! Someone else gets it!”

I have read leadership books in the past. I should confess I have probably overdosed on the things. But your book, your message is different. It is real! You connected with me. You are spot on - at times it can be so lonely as a leader.

Thank you for writing a book that cuts to the heart of real issues we face when walking the leadership road.

Shalom Richmond, General Manager, First Choice Care Pty Ltd

Additional resources, downloads and commentary from Rachael is available at http://www.leadingontheedge.com